Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massages

Traditional Oriental / Full Body

Our signature massage. A rejuvenating and stimulating approach to massage. Our unique blend of techniques combines long massage strokes, deep stimulation on muscles and Chinese foot reflexology to leave you feeling entirely rejuvenated.

Californian - Calm me - Full Body

A much softer approach with a touch of swedish for those who favour " effleurage" rather than deeper movements . From soft to middle pressure it is all about slow, sliding and long connective movements. Ideal for calming the nervous system.

Tension Relief – Remedial

Sitting long hours on planes or over a desk, improper posture have inspired these highly beneficial techniques. Our therapists are trained to relieve tension and stress in specific parts of the body. Foot reflexology will also stimulate the body’s recuperative power.

Choose from:

  •  Neck, shoulders, upper back
  •  Lower back
  •  Full back

All massages:

Minutes USD IDR
60 21.8 262 K
90 30 360 K
Prices do not include Goverment Tax : 12.5% 

Pregnancy Massage – Will make you feel lighter again (60 minutes only) USD 21.8

Four Hands Massage

A new signature massage. A marvelous choreography performed by two therapists working in perfect harmony produces an unforgettable journey. Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Myofascial Stretching, Percussions and Rocking are used in this technique

Minutes USD IDR
60 35.4 425K
90 48.2 578K
Prices do not include Goverment Tax : 12.5% 

Crystal Aromatheraphy Foot Reflexology

Discover the benefits of this relaxing as well as tonifying and stimulating approach. It is ideal for jet lag. Acupressure, deep strokes and drainage will make your feet and full body feel entirely new. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of our fully reclining bed concept.

60 minutes

Enjoy a flower aromatic lavender / peppermint foot wash to start, cool aromatic towels at the end to totally refresh you.

90 minutes

Goes further into more specific parts of the feet. Essential oils of peppermint, rosemary and pine are amongst the natural ingredients enhancing our sea mineral salts and flower footbath. Allow your feet to soak while our staff massage your neck and shoulders. Cool aromatic towels at the end revitalize and freshen you.

Minutes USD** IDR**
60 21.8 262 K
90 30 360 K
Prices do not include Goverment Tax : 12.5%